How do I make CC run for a child in a restricted account without internet access?

These instructions are valid for CC V3.6.2 and later.

Some people wish to give a device to their children to encourage reading etc. However, they may not want the child to have all of Android available, and in particular don't want the child to have internet access. Android restricted accounts take care of much of this, but a problem can arise because CC needs internet access to check its license.

To get around this problem CC supports checking the license in the "Admin" (master) account and informing the restricted accounts that the license is valid. To set this up, do the following:

  1. As admin, connect CC to calibre as a wireless device then wait one hour. This wait allows the license servers to stabilize. You don't need to transfer any books. If you have previously connected this device to calibre as a wireless device more than an hour ago then you can skip this step.
  2. After the wait and as admin, connect again to calibre as a wireless device. You don't need to transfer any books.
  3. You can save a bit of time in a later step by ensuring that CC's settings for admin are the same as you want them to be for the sub-accounts.
  4. As admin, back up CC's settings. In CC's settings, scroll to near the bottom and choose "Backup Settings". Be sure to put the file somewhere you can find it. Before you do this step see the next section, as one of the options influences where the file should go.
  5. The backup file needs to be copied to each child's profile. There are several ways to do this.
    • (Something that seems to work in Android 4 but but not in Android 5) Put the file in the device folder Android/obb. The contents of this folder seem to be visible to admin and all the sub accounts. You can avoid using a file manager app by directly storing the file in this folder in CC's backup process.
    • Email the file to an address the child's profile can read.
    • Use a cloud provider like Dropbox to copy the file.
    • Connect the device to a computer using a cable and copy the file from the device to the computer. Disconnect the device, change to the child's profile, reconnect the device, then copy the file from the computer to the device.
  6. Switch to the child's profile.
  7. As the child, in CC restore the settings file. Depending on which choice you made in step 6 you might need to obtain the file first. IMPORTANT: uncheck the "Restore storage folder locations" when you do the restore.
  8. As the child, connect CC to calibre as a wireless device. It should connect. If you get a license error then probably you didn't wait long enough in step 1.
  9. Ensure that CC's settings are as you want for the child.
  10. If several children share the device, repeat steps 7 through 11 for the other profile.

Note: you cannot use this method to copy a license between devices.

Charles Haley
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